support service applord consulting softwareThe applord support specialists offer qualified help with the introduction, configuration and maintenance of your software projects. We are happy to support you by phone, remote maintenance, email or on site.

We are the perfect partner to help you with technical questions. We offer quick, needs-based support with technical issues and questions about the product and service portfolio of applord Holding Europe GmbH, be it system configuration, detection and correction of application errors, installation, or technical consulting.

We offer a professional all-round "maintenance and support" for your system environment.

In close collaboration with our customers, we create customised support solutions tailored to meet their needs. The support solutions offer a fixed pricing structure for the entire duration of the agreement. This offers security and accurate planning for support and maintenance expenses.

Support vom Hersteller

Wir unterstützen Sie schnell und bedarfsgerecht bei technischen Fragen und Themen rund um das Leistungs- und Produktportfolio der applord Holding Europe GmbH.