ecosamThe smart archive manager offers comprehensive backup and restore options with a container storage system.

Innovative Archiving

The Smart Archive Manager enhances the functions of the ecoDMS archiving solution and - in combination with a container storage system - offers new automated backup options. The state-of-the-art container storage system bundles your documents into units. With ecoSAM managing these units is in your hands. Specify whether you want to create new containers of a fixed size according to the date or the number of documents, and how you want them to be backed up.

Importing documents from different sources

Moreover, ecoSAM offers comprehensive functions for importing documents from different sources. The file importer allows a classification of documents from the file system via, for example, CSV files, folders and file names or database entries. Control events from ecoDMS by starting certain events with triggers. For example, an email is sent if the status of a document is changed accordingly.

Things are moving forward...

The "ecoSAM" project is currently under development. A release date is not yet known. We will provide more information here as soon as there are more details available.


  • Container storage system
  • Free access to container management
  • Extended automatic backup options
  • New, extended import functions