ecomailzecoMAILZ is a standalone software for automatic and legally compliant email archiving. With the introduction of ecoMAILZ, users can archive all new and existing emails including attachments securely and directly from the email server. The user can specify the starting date for archiving emails.

ecoMAILZ offers import functions from different email servers and groupware solutions. Among these are Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), POP3 and the file system.

Two-step Archiving Concept

In order to fulfil the requirements of email archiving and simultaneously exclude emails from the archive that are not subject to archiving requirements, ecoMAILZ works with a two-step archiving concept. During the archiving process, each message receives a status. In combination with a configurable examination period, users can manage the current archiving status in the Status dialogue box.

Container Storage System

The ecoMAILZ container storage system offers the best possible security for storing, backing up and restoring all archived emails. A modern "Responsive Design" allows access to the email archive via web browser from the PC, smart phone or tablet. The archived emails can be retrieved quickly via the web client using full-text search. The software also contains a plugin to connect ecoMAILZ and the ecoDMS Archive.

A product of ecoDMS GmbH

ecoMAILZ is a product of ecoDMS GmbH developed, maintained and supported by applord.

ecoMAILZ Email Archive

  • Automatic & legally compliant email archiving
  • Two-step archiving system
  • Connectivity to all common mail servers
  • Plugins for e-mail client
  • Cross-platform web client for research
  • Interconnection with ecoDMS possible
ecoMAILZ is a product of ecoDMS GmbH developed, maintained and supported by applord.