file2dms archiving files ecm dms databaseWith File2DMS you can print and archive documents from any printable application without intermediate steps in the PDF/A format to an archive and archive it.

The component is part of the applord business solutions series.

Long-Term Archiving with PDF/A

Long-term archiving of electronic documents is based on PDF/A. From virtually any application you can open File2DMS to add freely configurable classification attributes to a file and then transfer it to the archive.

Lotus Notes & Mediatrix

Moreover, there is an enhanced mode of File2DMS for Lotus Notes and Mediatrix, which automatically recognises printable email attachments, integrates them into a PDF/A file and then archives them as a document in the DMS.

Example Application

Currently, insurance policy owners must print and scan electronically transmitted data after editing, or they need to send the information via fax to the insurance. The image data created from these documents is then added to the process as documentation. Direct archiving through File2DMS now allows more than 3,000 clerks to create and electronically archive PDF/A documents from any printable programme, with just a few mouse clicks.


  • Archiving as PDF/A
  • Long-term archiving
  • Lotus Notes & Mediatrix
  • Classification