training academy schulung seminar softwareWe offer seminars covering product-related user training, technical training programmes and workshops, certificate courses, software development methods and work-related soft skills training.

Secure and efficient IT infrastructures from one supplier are in demand more than ever before. Our aim is to optimise your business processes with customised IT services and products and to promote the uniqueness of your company. To best exploit your existing potential, we offer a comprehensive training programme.

Our software training is compact, comprehensible and tailored to match the requirements and previous knowledge of participants. Our teaching programme addresses beginners as well as advanced users, sales people, developers and administrators.

Theory without practice is undeveloped.
Practice without theory is unstructured.

Modern facilities with up-to-date technology ensure your training success. The training facilities of applord Holding Europe GmbH in Aachen offer participants a pleasant learning environment. Our course rooms are fitted with the latest hardware and professional presentation technology. Depending on the requirements and arrangements with applord GmbH, training can also be conducted on site at the customer.

During a course, our experienced training staff will discuss the requested topics in detail with you. You will be able to ask any unanswered questions directly in person and benefit from the expertise of our software specialists.

Four our in-house training in Aachen, we only accept a maximum of 6 participants per course date to ensure a smooth order of events. Depending on the course offer, participants from different companies may attend.

During our training sessions, we also cater for all your creature comforts. Apart from refreshing drinks and fresh coffee, we will also treat you to home-made delicacies during all-day training events.

Hotels of different pricing categories nearby offer you a stress-free and pleasant overnight stay during your visit.

We will be happy to advise you and put together a training offer tailored to suit your needs.


  • product-related training for users
  • technical training and workshops
  • software development methods
  • work-related soft skills training